Theraband For Work Out: 8 Reasons Why It Is A Good Choice

What Is A Theraband Or Resistance Band?

Strength Training By Therabands
Strength Training By Therabands
A theraband, or resistance band is made up of latex. These are used for light strength training and physical therapy exercises.  They are great if you want to do low-intensity exercises or work on preventing injuries. 

Before using a theraband, proper posture, stretching, and knowledge of the exercises to perform are required. You can use resistance bands to help you heal or get in better shape if you know how to use them and what exercises to do with them.

Although resistance bands are great for those who prefer to exercise at home or carry their workouts with them when traveling, their value extends beyond that. 

These easy exercise tools have a lot going for them, like usefulness, convenience, safety, and effectiveness. You'll be more motivated to incorporate resistance training into your own home gym the more you learn about their benefits.

Types Of Therabands

• Resistance Bands with Handles

These tube bands are mostly used for working out and growing muscle size and strength. The handles provide better grip making it to use effectively.

•Flat Resistance Bands

They are wide and level, making them simple to fold over your hand and change the length without any problem. These are suitable for general body strength training.

•Loop Bands 

These groups are like Flat Bands, However, they are smaller in size. These bands are commonly used in gyms and physical therapy centres.

•Leg and Arm Tube Resistance Bands

These are closed-loop tube bands. You can find different varieties of these bands, for example, leg groups with lower leg sleeves and figure-8 shapes with handles for the chest area.

•Power and Versatility Groups

These therabands are used for resistance training and power lifting. 

Therabands Color Coding

Based on the resistance they provide, Therabands are colour coded as follows: 

Yellow (lightest resistance)
Red (light resistance)
Green (light-medium resistance)
Blue (medium resistance)
Black (heavy resistance)
Silver (heaviest resistance)
Gold (heaviest resistance)

Benefits of Therabands 

These low-cost exercise tools can be used by people of any age or fitness level. Therabands practices are very effective and provides many advantages over normal free weight training.

1. Low-Cost Workout Option 

Therabands are a low-cost addition to your home gym equipment, whether you purchase them as a single piece or in a set.

2. Adaptability

Therabands come in a variety of resistance levels, the most common of which are light, medium, or heavy. During exercise, you can further adjust the amount of resistance by combining multiple bands to increase the challenge and giving the band more or less slack. 

3. Modify Familiar Exercises

Common strength-training moves serve as the foundation for resistance band exercises. The resistance band can help you strengthen the majority of your body's muscles, and it's simple to modify your workout sessions by adjusting the number of reps and resistance. Simply altering the speed at which the band is used can also alter how the muscle is worked.

4. Exercise For Whole Body 

You can perform whole body exercise by using Therabands. Theraband kits usually include suggested exercises for almost all of your body's major muscle groups. Numerous exercise options are available by, for instance, stepping on one end of a band or looping the band around a stationary object.

5. Save Space On Storage 

When you don't have much room for a home gym, resistance bands are a great option because they can be stored and kept in small storage area. After you exercise, you can either store them in a box or drawer by coiling them up and hanging them on a hook.

6. Exercise On The Go 

Therabands are a great way to bring your workout with you when you travel because it is small, elastic and portable. In the limited space of a hotel room, you can easily perform various resistance band exercises.

Exercise Safely By Therabands
Exercise Safely By Therabands

7. Exercise Safely, Even Alone 

Resistance bands provide strength training without the danger of crushing your fingers between weight plates or dropping a heavy weight on your foot. Because of this, you can use them to exercise even when you don't have a personal trainer or a workout partner to watch out for you.

8. Use In Conjunction With Other Exercise Equipment 

Despite the fact that resistance bands are excellent on their own, they can also be used in conjunction with other exercise equipment. You can get the most out of both a resistance band and a dumbbell when you do bicep curls at the same time.

Who All Can Use Resistance Bands?

Anyone can use Therabands or resistance bands to achieve their fitness goals. Depending upon the fitness goals, they can be used by the following groups, and their reasons are as follows:

For Muscle Gain

If someone is looking to enhance muscle strength and size, he/she can use bands in instead of dumbbells and machines.  Therabands or resistance bands can be new and challenging task to their muscles resulting in muscular growth. In addition, a 10 week study showed that individuals with moderate intellectual disability showed significant improvement in motor development with Theraband exercises.

For Weight Loss

Anyone who wants to lose weight will find that strength training, cardio, and a healthy diet work best together. Add Therabands to your exercise routine everyday practice, for example, in a full-body circuit. This could look like doing squats with a band, back rows with a band, and a chest press with a resistance band. This will result in burning more calories and building muscle strength simultaneously, which will assist you with getting in shape over the long time.

Researches suggest that in order to achieve the goal of improving body composition, overweight and obese individuals can perform resistance exercise using Therabands to lose fat and resistance exercise using their own body weight to gain and maintain muscle mass.

Good For Elderly People

Standard gym weights can be difficult and strenuous on the body for adults at the age of 60 and above. Muscular strength and endurance can be maintained without going too hard with resistance bands. One of the safest ways to improve bone strength and assist in preventing osteoporosis is to use resistance bands.


Bands assist the athletes for the development of strength and power, as well as to prevent unwanted injury. Therabands are good choice for them as it can be carried with them wherever they go and get a good workout no matter where they are. 

During Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant should exercise to get more sleep and feel better. In any case, this isn't an ideal opportunity to indulge into an extreme weight lifting program. For light muscle-toning, resistance bands and high repetitions (15-20) are ideal.
So, it is clear that Therabands are good option for resistance training. These are easy to use and carry. However, it is advisable to get an expert opinion from a qualified health care provider before diving into resistance training.

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